D.G. Lampaulus

Performing Life With Art

In the midst of the pandemic, D.G. Lampaulus as known as DG quickly emerged to become one of the shining artists. DG’s paintings are colorful, full of surprises, joyous, spiritual healing had deep meanings on hope and man’s relevance to universe. His style quickly caught attention of many international art collectors and one of his paintings was picked up for USD360,000.


DG’s father is an Indonesian Chinese and mother an Italian descent. The diverse culture together with academic focused upbringing gave DG unique sense of perception and nurtured him to think different and had more international sense and opinionated. DG likes to use his paintings to describe and dissect incidence, theories, and even philosophical ideas.

Growing up, DG is a quick learner and curious about everything, he picked up Champion at a random community art competition. The incident kickstarted his career path as an artist. To pursue the route, he started to sell his own drawings to earn his tuition fees.

Despite knowing DG’s talent in art, his parents directed him into finance academics for its sustainability. DG did not disappoint and picked up Bachelors in Australia, Masters in United States and Doctorate in Belgium. He became a shining star in the finance sector however his passion for art never deterred. He picked up his paintbrush again and started to ink his past experiences, emotions on pieces of pieces of canvases.

DG’s work is vibrant at the same time bounded deep meanings to life. He used colorful characters to represent his interpretation to ideas. The outlandish yet controlled style caught great attention, including International Gallery Group - Dotard Village which represented and curated his art. One of the pieces was also picked up for USD360,000 and very quickly the gallery commissioned his next 3 series of work. DG is truly a rare and talented artist with unparalleled uniqueness, a master and legacy in the making.

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“Arts emanate warmth, artworks created from life ideas.”

- D.G. Lampaulus -

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